The Best Group Management Platfrom
"Webbing puts us in a different place, a better place in terms of logistics… helped us upgrade our work with the group."
Organize Your Community
The main menu enables you to organize topics of interest and make sure everyone knows where information can be shared. The "People" menu serves as a searchable directory of everyone in your community to help with direct communications.

Channels Are Where The Magic Happens

You can create topic based channels or private channels for specific people in your group as well as department based or location, channels can look like one of 8 different types, they can look like a Facebook feed, chat feed , Google Calendar, Dropbox, Photo gallery, ToDo list, Map, Notfiy

Personalized Profiles

Each member of your community gets to customize their own unique profile page with a photo and brief bio. Admins can also manage the additional contact information on each page, making it incredibly easy to direct message, email, or call.

Send messages directly to any user on the platform.

Complexity Simplified

If you need to manage many types of members (such as parents, alumni, students and teachers, or staff, volunteers, and donors), there is built-in system of "spaces" to keep each member type separate and yet easy to manage in one location.



Engage Your Community

The platform includes advanced community engagement features, such as threaded conversations, "@" user tagging, and directory profile listings to encourage maximum engagement.

Built-in CRM

Easily target, track and manage the activity of all your community members via the app's built-in CRM system or desktop admin dashboard. The CRM also enables admins to efficiently organize the users, channels and communities on the app.

Interactive Notifications

This fun, new bundle of notifications guarantees that your members are getting the information you need them to see and gives them the opportunity to quickly and directly respond to your survey questions or provide targeted feedback.


No Member Login Required

Your app can be integrated with email so that even members who prefer not to sign up to the app can receive information and participate via email.

Email Integration

An easy way to invite new members and also to engage with members outside of the app. So by adding members via their email, they will get all the private messages and all the public information on the app directly to their email.

Dashboard & Analytics

To help your staff derive insights from your community, the app package includes a desktop admin dashboard complete with analytics. This enables you to track which users are most engaged and what topics are most popular within your community, helping you to focus your future programming and even fundraising efforts.

Be In Your Community's Hands

How can you be in your community member's lives if you’re not in their hands?

: People spend a “staggering 4.7 hours” per day on their phones

TechCrunch: Consumers Spend 85% Of Time On Smartphones In Apps

Customized to Boost Your Brand

Customize the logo, communities, channels, background photos, app icons, and get your own unique URL.